The Secret To Success Is To Be Hungry And To Be Humble

The secret to success is to be hungry and to be humbled.
You got to be a good student. To learn from people who have already achieved what you want.

When I first started with affiliate marketing, my ego was to big to listen… I failed. I failed a million times.

At the very beginning I didn’t want to pay for education because internet is full of free info. But later I found, the price I had paid was even bigger… I had paid with my time, with struggle, with depression… And a lot of lost advertising dollars of course.

The lesson I learned the hard way is simple – if I find something that will make me money, I’ll pay to have it. This is my way to get to the good stuff faster, learn faster, and implement faster. So my money comes faster and bigger at the end of the day.

If I can give you only one advice, it will be – define what you want to do, and find good education or someone (preferably 1 person) who is already successful in it, and learn from the guy. Do exactly what he (or she) asks you to do. These mentors rarely come for free but there are a lot of people sharing good tips even without taking your money for that. Anyway if you are willing to get to your goal faster, find a good mentor to show you the exact system you need. Hey, you don’t have to invent the wheel, do you? :)

I’ll tell you how everything changed for me, and my eyes finally opened (this is all about affiliate marketing business and earning money from your laptop)

I was doing my things – like hundreds of landing pages and ads, promoting fat loss affiliate offers, trying to land some sales. Every time I was opening my Clickbank account to see only those ugly zeros and just a couple of sales through the time. You can imagine where my motivation was going…. but I’m a strong girl. No matter what happens and how hard it gets, I just stand up and keep fighting for my dreams.

The Secret To Success Is To Be Hungry And To Be Humbled

Sun Tzu says in “The Art of War” that the one who doesn’t have a clear strategy is destined to lose the war.

The same with making money online. You need a clear strategy before anything else.

I thought I have my strategy when I started but my results were disastrous. What was wrong with the whole picture?!

Every day I felt I was getting closer, and only knew I’m not going to give up. But the zeros in my account weren’t changing.

Then, one night, late at night, just before I went to bed (actually I was in bed creating the next landing page) I saw a video from a guy I really like. About 6 months earlier I had watched his traffic gen course. This was the course that showed me the first deeper layer when I thought affiliate marketing is a simple thing… It may was, about 10 years ago.

This night I saw a video from this guy. He was giving away a 14-day free crush course. I was like “Oh, my God.. that’s impossible!“. This looked exactly like what I needed back then. I enrolled right away, of course, and started getting 1 video every day. 100% free. I was watching the course and still couldn’t believe how this was possible. He has put so much value in a free education that could make you rich if you just follow the steps. To be honest with you, I was refreshing my page to see if the system is going to send me the next video earlier. I needed so badly I couldn’t wait.

I have paid for a lot of products so far but nobody had ever provided that much value, even in a $600-$1000 education, than this guy in a free course.

It turned out that I was doing the system right but I missed about 50% of the whole thing… the other gurus hadn’t actually revealed how they really make money online (the full picture). As I was watching, everything started getting more and more clear. I couldn’t wait to test what I have learned.

It was so exciting. My whole life was put on this one single card. I had to make it work. I didn’t have plan “B” (so do you if you really want to get successful).

So I run the campaign, fed it with traffic, and the magic happened. First results came on day 1. I really can’t describe you how happy I was at that very moment. And most importantly, I was finally free.

Education and knowledge (the right one) is freedom because it gives you the power to dictate your own life, without having to spend your time in an office, working 9 to 5, most of the time with people you don’t like… selling time that will never come back for money that can’t pay even a fraction of it. Just because it’s not supposed to be for sale.

The Secret To Success Is To Be Hungry And To Be Humbled

Somewhere in the lines above I told you that making money with affiliate is a hard task. No, it’s not. It’s as easy as pie if you know what you are doing and have the system that have already generated money for somebody else.

In the free course I enrolled, this guy took a family (husband and wife from the USA), having no idea what internet marketing was, and put them through the same system. At the end of the first week, running their campaign, they had generated about $3000 income. If they can (total beginners) I bet you too can easily do it.

This is my simple secret to success online. Besides the fancy stuff, it comes down to 2 things – to be hungry and humbled. Remember my friend, always be hungry for the new stuff and never stop competing with yourself to get better. And remember to always be humbled. Always believe in yourself but be humbled because this is the only way you can keep your eyes and your heart opened. This is the only way you will attract success and happiness in your life. Remember these 2 words – hungry and humbled – they will change your life!

If you want to give this education a try, here is a link. It will be 100% free for you as well.

Following the course, you will be presented to a business oportunity you can join. It’s to promote PB and earn “big money”, and the price to join is $297 monthly fee. I paid the first month to check but in my opinion the biz op is not as good as it sounds so I wouldn’t reccommend it to you. There are many other products to promote (check But if you want to run your test with PB, I would be really happy to see your success results :)

Again, the education in Project Breakthrough is good. You can learn a lot from it for free.

And because my dream was to help people change their life, I will invite you to my mastermind group where I help other people making money online. Because when you know something, I believe you have to share it and help others improve their life and achieve their dreams.

Stay awesome champ! I’ll se you in the mastermind :)


Photos of me: @Lora Dudushka Photography
Written by Aneliya Magleva